"My name should only be used under these conditions!" Akothee fiercely warns

The mom of five is referring to other family members she no longer speaks to

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Akothee warns against being linked to others. 

• She hinted at an unforgivable family dispute.

Image: Instagram/Akothee

Akothee is tired of being linked to drama that is not about her, her children or her new husband and has told off bloggers for continuously linking her to other people's affairs.

Without specifically naming the individuals she is upset about, Akothee issued a warning that she may take action.

She hinted at an unforgivable act by a family member/s or friend thus she does not want to be mentioned alongside that/those individuals, who want to ride off the back of her success.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the mother of five wrote;

"Bloggers stop drugging my brand into useless online drama. Only my children and my husband are allowed to be tagged alongside brand Akothee. Don't allow me pull a first one. If you are not addressing me, my children or my husband. DON'T DRUG Akothee so and soo. I don't build my brand on someones back. Nakama mumelipwa mtaniambia. I disconnected with that family long time ago. And I won't apologize for sins I never committed."

Her diatribe above might be in reference to her being constantly mentioned in the affairs of a certain estranged sibling the businesswoman has.

She also informed nosy Kenyans that she has only ever been married once. Since her wedding to Dennis Omosh, people have been saying she has been in multiple marriages.

She went ahead to correct this notion saying others were acts for music videos.

"And for my new followers don't fall into the trap of jealous people. I have only been married once with relationships that didn't make it to the isle 🤣🤣🤣🤣, this is my second marriage. You can't create fake news and call me a role model to your children. These are vixens in my music videos. Go subscribe to my YouTube channel. And watch my songs before you embarrass yourselves Oyuech."


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