Zari reacts to 'marrying out of pressure' comments

The socialite confirms she got married to Shakib Cham adding its not a competition with anyone else to get married

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Zari says it's not a competition with anyone else.

• She says she is happy in spite of online hate.

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham.
Image: Instagram

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has confirmed she got married to her much younger man Shakib Cham Luutaya.

The two tied the knot in a ceremony dubbed Nikka on Monday, April 17. A video of the ceremony leaked online where we see him put a ring on her finger as they hug and seal their marriage with a kiss.

Netizens had a lot to say about the two tying the knot, and one thing they always refer to is the age difference between Zari and Shakib.

There was also talk that she has been feeling social media pressure to marry him and compete with others. Zari took to her Instagram stories to dismiss such allegations.

Speaking while driving her Jeep, Zari stared at the camera blasting netizens for not wishing her happiness in her life.

"I and Shakib get Nikka'd always sat well with a lot of people but there is a certain group of people that will project their misery onto me. I'm a very happy person. Naturally, I'm a happy person everything is in place and we got Nikka'd."

Addressing haters, Zari said she lives life on her own terms.

"We got Nikka'd. It's not because of pressure. I am not competing with anyone. So just because someone in another country got married, normal people are gonna get married? Or was that the first person to get married? Or just because Zari got Nikka'd?

NO, So even the East African babes get Nikka'd today oh you copying Zari? Why is it that when it comes to me it's always an issue? People have been married before People have been Nikkad before. But when it comes to Zari when it comes to me when it comes to Zarinah, it's always an issue okay," she concluded her hard-hitting remarks.

Shakib had indicated last year that he was preparing to pay her father a visit in Uganda where he intended to ask for her hand in marriage.

Zari at the time expressed her desire to settle down with him and was looking forward to the two uniting in holy matrimony.

Another famous celebrity who got married recently was Kenyan singer Akothee who said 'I Do' to her mzungu lover Dennis aka Omosh.

Her marriage trended for days online in the East African region.

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