Georgina Njenga's powerful statement about Tyler Mbaya amid breakup rumors

Tyler has also reacted to breakup rumors as well

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The couple have not been seen publicly for some time

• Kenyans have been asking questions about the status of the relationship. 

georgina njenga reacts to tyler mbaya divorce
georgina njenga reacts to tyler mbaya divorce

The question of whether Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga are no longer together seems to be haunting the couple.

Over the last couple of days, Kenyans online have been talking about the pair, with many claiming they are not together anymore.

Tyler and Georgina have separately reacted to rumors on their respective social media accounts.

Georgina took to her Instagram stories to share a video recorded in 2022 (see below) of the time she was heavily pregnant with their daughter.

Georgina and Tyler dance as he holds her from behind. Her glowing face tells of happier days.

On his part, Tyler used Instagram Q&A to encourage fans to ask him any question they have.

He reshared a small hint saying "Y'all play way too much" He insisted without sharing more questions and answers from his fans.

In his latest Tiktok video two days ago, his followers are seeking answers.

stellanaskia mliachana na Georgiana

Its.AmondiBaha usiwachane na Gigi please🥺

samantha_l.i.l.l.y nimefika😂😂rada ni ukweli

pride_of_Africawoiii hope is not true

The YouTuber couple faced tough times in January this year when an intimate video of hers was leaked.

She blamed it on an envious ex-boyfriend who she said was unhappy she had moved on.

“It happened at 17 with someone I liked. He started threatening me immediately after I exposed my relationship with Tyler in 2020,” Georgina explained 

To show love and support for his girlfriend, Baha reacted by posting a picture of her captioned with love emojis.

georgina reminisces pregnacy with tyler mbaya
georgina reminisces pregnacy with tyler mbaya

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