Son to ex-Kenya 7s player Lucas Onyango joins Man City's under 9's

The former Kenya 7s player is living his dream

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He coaches among other things
• He says training is part of his life

lucas onyango and his son
lucas onyango and his son

Former Rugby player Lucas Onyango is a happy and certainly proud dad.

The professional sportsman has taken to his social media to announce that his son has been signed to Manchester City under 9s.

"Our son Aymen Lucas Onyango is now officially a Manchester City player after signing for the Under 9’s.

In my life, I have never been this proud and this boy has worked hard to get here. The journey begins now as he progresses through the academy. We are all over the moon"

Lucas shared a series of photos and videos to accompany his news broadcast on the football team's screen in the stadium.

Ayem is his last born, and they hang out a lot. Lucas is commonly known as 'Lukaka'.

His wife Zainab is of Iraqi origin and they have two sons.The rugby player retired from playing due to injury and does coaching.

He had a knee injury.

"One minute I had a job, I was living large I was getting good pay everything was okay.

Next thing the club has gone bust I had a very hard time I had to get work landscaping, cutting grass."

He told Alex Chamwada after retiring that Kenyans have a lot to offer. He lives in the City of Manchester juggling family and coaching.

He spoke glowingly about living his dream.He reflected on his retirement in a video on Cham Media TV for the daring abroad segment told that he is living his dream since 2002.Lucas is an inspiration to many sports enthusiasts.

He offers training in British communities to mentor young men into Rugby. He says this is his calling.

"It's the passion, I could easily concentrate on my business but that's what makes me happy, what makes me tick."

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