Miss P apologizes to Willy Paul after rape allegations

The songstress regrets shaming Willy Paul in the public.


• Miss P was formely signed by Willy Paul's record label Saldido before they fell out.


In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Miss P  apologized to Willy Paul two years after he accused the musician of rape saying that since she embarrassed him in public she had to apologize in public too.

Miss P revealed that doing the interview and accusing Willy Paul was such an impulsive reaction she regrates to date explaining that;

"I felt bitter,I felt angry I felt so many things, my emotions were all over the place, and i was overwhelmed, at that time  I was not mentally okay, psychologically there was  alot going on in my life, facing so much at the time, the interview was an impulse" Adding that it was not the best choice she ever did.

She went to give an apology to Willy Paul telling him, "Willy Paul, you know we had history, things happened, shit happened, many things that we both are not proud of but it has been two years and it's not good kubeba mtu grudges it's very exhausting." As she revealed that she will find a way of approaching him to talk things out.

About working together, the talented musician disclosed that she has no intention to work with Willy Paul anytime and she is just genuine with the apology as long as she does the right thing.

This comes two years after Miss P  , in a video posted on YouTube, accused Willy Paul of sexually assaulting her while she was signed under his label, Saldido Records.

The ‘baby shower’ songstress, in the said video, had alleged that Willy Paul was too controlling during her time under his employ, further terming him as narcissistic and Pozze had to  go tocourt and got an order to have the viral video interview pulled down

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