Akothee thanks Ida Odinga for being there for her during tough times

She also revealed that Ida Odinga liked Omosh from the first day she met him


• Apart from Ida Odinga, Akothee has praised all her wedding bridesmaids and guests.

Image: Instagram

Singer Akothee took to her Instagram page to express her gratitude to Ida Odinga for always being a shoulder to lean on during all her tough times and for always cheering her up with any achievement.

The mother of five revealed that Ida has been her confidant in that she's been telling her everything that happens in her life disclosing that she was the first one to know the wedding date and everything about Omosh.

"My cheerleader EXCELLENCY DR IDA BETTY ODINGA, When I met Omosh, I broke the news to her, When Omosh engaged me and set a date for my wedding she was the first to get the news before anyone else." She started.

She went on by noting that MS Odinga has been like a mother to her, a comforter who understands her, and always has her time regardless of anything revealing that when she got pregnant with her latest pregnancy and after the miscarriage, she informed her.

"When I got pregnant at 6 weeks, I called her and told her. Mum, we are pregnant 🙊First she laughed, then congratulated me. She understands me just like A mother would understand her daughter, she knows I crave love, therefore, her door is open for me 24/7, When we lost the pregnancy, at 10 weeks, she called and we talked a lot, and I felt better."

She continued narrating, "On the 3rd We made a visit for introduction and he liked Omosh, mama will tell you NO for NO without mincing her words."

Madam Boss concluded by giving her appreciation to Ida for everything and for also attending her colorful wedding that happened on Monday as she also celebrated her birthday.

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