Why Obinna would rather date Amber Ray instead of Winnie Odinga

Obinna has several baby mamas.

• Amber Ray is currently expectant with her first child with Kennedy Rapudo.

• Obinna has always expressed an interest in wanting to date Amber Ray.

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: KISS FM

Morning Kiss host Oga Obinna has said despite being a confident man he would never date Winnie Odinga.

According to Obinna, he would rather date socialite Amber Ray.

Sharing his reasons with his co-host Sheila Kwamboka, Obinna hilariously said he would rather date Charlene Ruto.

" Do you see how Winnie braves the Maandamano and the tear gas was thrown at her?

He is also there fighting for the EALA position. I would rather remain with Amber Ray.

Winnie Odinga is where I draw the line. I would rather try with Charlene."


"Imagine you are dating Winnie and you cheat on her.

You get taken to Junet who then takes you to Karen and Babu Owino is the one opening the door.

Baba reprimands you for cheating on his daughter. I am afraid of Baba."

Where should she find love?

"She should look for expatriates (Outsiders) people who do not know Baba."

In a recent interview with Kalondu Musyimi Winnie says most men are intimidated by her.

Most disappear into the woods the minute they realize how accomplished she is and the fact that she is Raila Odinga's daughter.

"Mama alianza a couple of years ago and I told her that she has to cool down on that talk," adding that she is cool with how everything is and that she is just having fun since she is still young. "

I'm in my thirties, I'm living life."

The second daughter of the former Prime Minister went ahead to explain that she has no problem having babies at an old age since she is just enjoying life currently after a very difficult life saying,

"I can have babies when I'm 80 God knows, I'm just having the time of my life and enjoying after a very difficult time."

She went ahead and revealed that she is single for the first time in 9 years and that's why she is enjoying life the way she does.

She also spoke about the kind and type of man that would date her describing him as confident and giving an example of people who have approached her narrating it as;

"Wanaanza pole pole, mambo ya siasa ati they are confident but when my dad calls wanashtuka," further disclosing that she has not found a confident Kenyan man to date her adding that;

"A woman's confidence comes from her father and I'm looking for that kind of confidence. A man's man and I have just not found the hero yet," further revealing that it should be a Kenyan man.

"I don't mind other cultures but just someone who understands me," she explained making it clear that, "I'm out here," meaning that she is ready to date.

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