Kisii residents left in shock as a headless body is discovered

Kisii has been hitting the headlines over constant murders.


• It is not yet clear why the man was killed.

• The body is yet to be identified.

man found dead in Kisii with his head missing.
man found dead in Kisii with his head missing.
Image: FILE

Residents of Raganga, Kitutu Chache in Kisii County were left in shock after discovering a headless body dumped in a bush.

The body was discovered on Monday, days after a head had been discovered without the body at the same spot.

Residents suspect the head belong to the man whose body had earlier been discovered.

The body was missing a hand and a leg, the remaining hand had been fed on by wild dogs.

The deceased is yet to be identified.

It is suspected that the man was killed else where before being dumped at the spot.

The police have vowed to unearth who is behind the murders.

Else where Detectives in Nyamira have vowed to nab the killers of a US-based couple ahead of their burial on Friday.

They were killed at their Nyamakoroto home in Kitutu Masaba

The bodies of Edward Nyagechi and his wife Grace Morema were found in separate parts of their residential complex with machete cuts.

On Monday, Keroka subcounty police commander Robert Ndambiri said they were still chasing useful leads which could potentially lead to the arrest and subsequent arraignment of the key suspects.

"It's not a matter of if but when. They would all be in custody very soon," Ndambiri told the Star in Keroka.

He said they will pounce on the suspect ahead of the couple's burial on Friday.

The couple were visiting their village from the USA on March 21 before killers stormed into their house at night and killed them.

Nyagechi was found dead in his garage with deep cuts to his head.

He had his hands and legs bound with a binding wire.

His wife Grace Morema, 60, was found in the bedroom with deep cuts to the neck.

She was also tied up similarly to her husband.

A domestic staffer and a farm hand are already in custody to aid in investigations.

Ndambiri said they are already using important leads gleaned from their interrogation to unravel the murder.

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