Akothee hints Cebbie Koks might be attending wedding despite 2022 beef

The musician didn't attend the wedding of Cebbie Koks that took place in December last year.


• Akothee made it clear that only her two sons, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo will not make it to the wedding.

Cebbie Koks and Akothee.
Image: Instagram

Musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee has urged Kenyans not to involve family politics in her wedding which will take place on April 10th of this month.

Speaking on Saturday after welcoming her daughter Fancy Makadia from France to the country, the mother of five made it clear that only her two sons, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo, will not make it to the wedding.

She said her two sons who live in France will not make it to her second wedding due to school but hinted that they will witness the second ceremony scheduled to take place in Switzerland on July 10. 

"Don't bring propaganda and family politics to my wedding. The only people who will miss my wedding are my two sons who will not make it because of school rules, but they will witness which is scheduled to take place on July 10. All year Akothee is getting married," she said.

The 43-year-old singer revealed that only card invitees will attend Monday's wedding. The latest statement by the musician seems to answer the complicated question about whether her younger sister, Cebbie Nyakokeyo will attend the much-publicized wedding. 

The two have been beefing for a while with Akothee not attending her younger sister's wedding which took place in December last year.

In October, she opened up about her feud with Cebbie and announced that she would not be attending her events and that people should not expect to see her sister at her events.

Akothee claimed that the quarrel between her and her younger sister became bigger because her family often failed to intervene.

"Things landed on my table that broke me but didn't kill me, again no one reached out a hand, I was left to fight alone. Again, as the eldest of them, things were forced down my throat. I accepted being big until I was reduced to a doormat," she said.   

She also revealed that she was further devastated when her younger sister claimed she was faking it during a six-month battle with depression.

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