Obinna weighs in on DJ Browskin's video,shares his own experience

Sheila Njeri was wife to DJ Brownskin.

• A video of the now deceased Sheila Njeri gulping poison has shocked many.

• She left behind two kids 

She took her won life in his presence.
DJ Brownskin Fullu Fullu with his late wife Sharon alias Shadodo. She took her won life in his presence.

Morning Kiss host Obinna has reacted to a video of DJ Brownskin's wife Sharon Njeri downing an alleged poisonous substance under his watch.

According to the radio host, we shouldn't judge the spin master harshly as we do not fully understand what transpired before reaching that particular time.

Going on to give an example of himself, Obinna shared;

"I had a partner who swallowed 32 amoxicillin.

Another girlfriend trying to swallow beads from my Shambala chain, to kill herself because things were not working anymore

Sometimes things like this are too hard to handle because sometimes they have done it many times and you think they are bluffing."

Obinna says sometimes one might be living with someone who constantly threatens to harm themself if one leaves them.

In such instances, it becomes hard to know when someone is telling the truth.

"Sometimes it's real, sometimes its not. So you see them mixing something and you don't think it's serious."

Should the DJ have watched while she writhed in pain?

"For myself, I can't wait. Most of the people are in relationships they don't want to because their partners have threatened to kill themselves."

The late sharon, She was wife to DJ Brown Skin Fullu fullu

In the 2022 video, the late Sharon is seen taking an alleged poisonous substance as her husband psyches her on. She then goes ahead to lie on a seat as she deals with her pain.

Sharon took her life in July 2022.

At some point she is heard telling her kids she is dying.

"I'm done. Tell my kids and people I love them," Brownskin's wife mumbles in the video.

Sharon was the wife to Kenyan Spin master DJ Brownskin Fullu Fullu 

In the video, a man alleged to be Brown Skin is heard sarcastically asking Sharon to mix the concoction that would soon take her life.

The entire time the man is comfortably seated and does nothing to save his wife.

At some point, he asks the house help to bring some milk but doesn't bother to help his wife.

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