8 facts you didn't know about DJ Brownskin's late wife Sharon Njeri

Sharon was wife to DJ Brownskin.

• Sharon was battling depression.

• Her husband has remained silent after the video of her downing poison emerged.

she was wife to DJ Brownskin.
The late Sharon Njeri. she was wife to DJ Brownskin.

Sharon Njeri alias Shadodo has been trending after a video of her gulping a poisonous substance while being recorded emerged.

She might have been unknown to many but she will always be remembered by those who knew her.

Below are things you did not know about her.

1. She was a mother of two.

 She and her partner DJ Brownskin had a son and a daughter.

2. Sharon started battling depression in 2020.

3. She tried taking her own life in June 2022, before she finally took her own life by hanging herself in July 2022.

4. She was married to DJ Brownskin.

5. She is an Alumni of the University of Nairobi.

6. Sharon celebrated her last birthday on December 23, 2021.

7. She was buried in August 2022.

8. Sharon allegedly died by suicide, weeks after a video of her downing an alleged poisonous concoction - that has now gone viral.

In the video which has since gone viral, a man behind the camera is heard asking the late Sharon Njeri to go ahead and mix the concoction.

She willingly does so and gulps the content as the man continues recording. Within no time the woman is seen writhing in pain before everything goes blank.

The man is alleged to be DJ Brownskin who had two kids with the late Sharon.

Even though she took her own life in July 2022, it is not clear the motive behind the video being released now.

Photos of Sharon admitted in hospital after the incident are currently circulating on social media.

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