Cause of death of murdered US-based Kisii couple revealed

The couple was murdered by unknown assailants in their Nyamakoroto home

• The lifeless bodies were discovered by the couple's grandson.

• Two workers are still in custody to help with the investigations.

Edward Morema Nyagechi, 63, and his wife Grace Morema, 60 were found dead in their house on Tuesday.

An autopsy report has revealed how US-based Kisii couple Edward Morema and his wife Grace Mong'ina Morema died.

The couple was murdered by unknown assailants in their Nyamakoroto home almost two weeks ago. 

According to the autopsy report conducted on the two bodies at Kisii Teaching and Referral hospital, Edward Morema was hit two times on his head with a blunt object and sustained three stab injuries on his ribs.

His wife Grace Morema died out of strangulation.

The culprits dismantled the CCTV DVR from the house before locking the house and leaving the scene of the crime.

The couple was visiting the country from Minnesota USA. 

The body of Edward was found lying dead near his garage with deep cuts on his head while his hands and legs were tied with binding wire.

Masaba North Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambiri stated that the duo is believed to have been tortured before being murdered.

An unknown man had come visiting the couple before their lifeless bodies were discovered.

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