Brazen Vera still drinking alcohol while pregnant

The socialite noted she only drinks a glass socially because she is always attending lavish events

• Responding to the question the 33-year-old noted that she loves a good glass of bubbly, especially during events.

Vera Sidika.
Image: Instagram/Vera Sidika.

Reality TV star, socialite and now musician Vera Sidika has taken to her Instagram stories to defend her occasional social drinking despite the fact that she is heavily pregnant.

Vera addressed her social drinking when a fan pointed it out during a segment of QnA that the "Popstar" artist had on her stories.

The curious netizen wanted to know if Vera actually drinks alcohol or she just poses with the glasses or pops bottles and then that is it because she's well full in her 3rd trimester.

"Do you drink alcohol (champagne) while pregnant?" Asked the curious Instagram user.

Responding to the question the 33-year-old noted that she loves a good glass of bubbly, especially during events.

Posting on her Instagram stories, the reality TV star did not deny that she takes alcohol while pregnant but went ahead to defend her consumption noting that a glass won't hurt her or her unborn baby.

Vera also noted that sometimes it is difficult for her to avoid sipping champagne seeing as she is always attending lavish parties and toasts are always made besides the fact that bubbly is in plenty.

"1 glass won't hurt... I'm just always around these parties where everyone is offering a glass. It is crazy but I only take just one sip and that's it," Vera responded.

In her stories, Vera refuted claims that she had already delivered maintaining that she is currently still heavily pregnant with her second child.

"Gosh who's spreading rumors that I gave birth in February? I'm giving birth this month. March. Baby boy will be a March baby," Vera maintained noting that just like her firstborn Asia's delivery, the second delivery will be equally as posh and expensive.

The soon-to-be mum of 2 revealed that she wants a painless procedure and she's willing to spend as much as she did with Asia to make her process painless.

She also disclosed that she has already booked her surgery date with her private doctors and their team.

A while back while responding to questions about how much she spent during Asia's delivery Vera revealed that the total cost was a little over 2 million. An amount she's willing to part with again.

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