Read Susan Kaittany's deep and empowering note about body shaming

"We are us, you are you 🤍perfect," she wrote

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The Real Housewives reality star has been thin-shamed.

• She wants to encourage fans to remember that they're all beautiful and wonderful.

Susan Kaittany.
Image: Instagram/Susan Kaittany

Susan Kaittany is in the spotlight right now for her role as a cast member in the tv hit series Real Housewives of Nairobi.

The salon owner is being body shamed and has decided to deal with cyberbullying. She has been facing unwanted comments about the way she looks.

"Real Talk 🌸As a skinny girl growing up, I was body-shamed a lot through the years & it's what made me step out & become a model. I became a beauty queen, represented my country 🇰🇪 for the crown & walked the runway to prove that it’s ok to have a body like mine. Even though I was hurting so deep inside," she began.

Taking to her Instagram, the mother of two said body shaming is never ok, even if it's a public figure, noting that people are still prone to criticizing the appearances of others, including those of celebrities.

"Through the tears & the pain, I knew I had to do it to show the world that skinny is great, it’s how I was made & it’s A ok to look like me. It’s ok to have the longest legs & a lean body a long graceful neck, & big African lips."

Susan said the judgment and unnecessary remarks do harm people, especially younger and impressionable Kenyans.

"Pain has grown me so much & through the journey, I have become a BOLD woman. I’m back on the runway this year strutting the biggest fashion shows in the world. I'm really confident, bold & sassy & as I turn 40 later this year, I’ve come full circle.

It’s incredible, I’ve never felt more stunning than this. It’s indeed always a long painful journey to body positivity, don’t let anyone fool you or brush it off as nothing."

She also noted that that won't stop her from living her best life and even taking some time to teach these trolls a lesson or two when they're in the right mood for it.

"To all the little girls, to my daughters, your body is perfect my loves, tall or short, skinny or chubby. You can exercise because it’s ok to tone even when you’re skinny, & no you don’t need to eat more. You are your own kind of beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s only one you, always & forever.

We need to stop being tone-deaf. It's not right, it’s wrong & it’s toxic. It’s damaging, we need to stop body shaming as women. Thick, thin you’re gorgeous all the same. We are us, you are you 🤍perfect," she ended her note.

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