'Don't force relationships - Elizabeth Githinji's last sermon before suicide

Elizabeth died on Saturday in musician Dishon Mirugi's house in Kahawa West home

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• A video of her last sermon tells churchgoers to learn to let go.

• Kenyans are sad she did not take her own advice.

Pastor Dishon Mirugi and the late Pastor Elizabeth Githinga

Pastor Elizabeth Githinji who died in the home of Kikuyu musician Dishon Mirugi, was said to have allegedly committed suicide.

The musician revealed he found her hanging by a rope in his bedroom.

Several videos on Tiktok show her last sermon before her demise.

"Don't force relationships" she is heard saying in a TikTok video shared by Dennis Njuguna Official.

"Usilazimishe mahusiano kama mtu amechoka na wewe let him go, wacha aende,".

She continued "Kama mtu ameona huongezi faida kwa maisha yake wacha aende because everythign in our life happens for good not for bad things."

She tells the congregation in Kikuyu that there are things that happen in society.

Details are emerging about Elizabeth and Dishon's relationship.

It is now said she travelled from Nakuru to Nairobi as a last-ditch effort to fix her relationship.

He was said to have another girlfriend and she came to urge him to refund the money she gave him, among other concerns.

But hours later he found her hanging in a room in his house.

Dishon recorded a statement on Sunday, March 19, and on Tuesday, March 21 was arrested and taken to court.

He untied the body and transferred it to his car before driving to Jacaranda Maternity Home where attendants refused to accept the body.

Mirugi then drove to Kiamumbi police station with the body in the boot of his car, but officers advised him to report the incident to Kahawa West police station, where officers also refused to pick up the body and instead told him to report the incident to Kasarani police station.

Officers at Kasarani police station also refused.

He went to the Kenyatta University Mortuary on Saturday evening.

Here are the reactions to Elizabeth's last sermon.

wambuitracy578  She was in pain😭

7959493002835 hii ndio huitwa preaching water but drinking wine..😳😳 si it has happened aki woiishe its very painful

user 5867778371522 Becky yaani anasave other people's lives then yy hakumanage kuacha kuforce relationship...so sad she died😭

carenshaksmay your soul rest in peace🌹

user 7070687212526 But you went to fight for love, and then what happened? you have killed

user 7099591791324 sometimes love kills

Washawn16 but mama you didn't let it go... minister Virginia Jamesgo well mama it pains but it has happened and we cannot change the situation

user8242267827857 Soo painful... May you rip... But why??

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