Pastor found dead in Mirugi Dishon's house allegedly sent distress message

Elizabeth allegedly sent text to sister about life being in danger

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She told her sister she did not feel safe.

• An online whistleblower claims to have details.

Pastor Dishon Mirugi and the late Pastor Elizabeth Githinga

The woman found dead in the home of Kikuyu singer Mirugi Dishon allegedly sent a text message to her sister expressing fear for her life.

The news of the death of the woman said to be a Pastor in the home of Dishon has gone viral.

The preacher Elizabeth Githinji passed away in a controversial circumstances in his house on Saturday last weekend in Kahawa West.

He supposedly took the body to KU mortuary according to reports after unsuccessfully traversing the city trying to do so.

A whistleblower on Facebook claims Pastor Elizabeth Githingi could have known her life was in danger even before she died. This prompted her to text her sibling over the matter.

The anonymous man named Simon Muthiora has alleged Elizabeth texted her sister moments before her death that she was not safe.

According to Simon, Elizabeth was upset the musician had moved on to another lover.

"She had invested a lot of money in the musician and now it's believed he wanted her out of the way so that he can proceed with the new woman," Simon alleged.

Elizabeth and Dishon were also claimed to have been lovers.

Mirugi himself says that Githinji had visited him in Kahawa West to deliver a suit. He insists he left her washing clothes as he ran errands.

On returning, Dishon did not find her and resorted to searching for her whereabouts. He claimed he found her hanging in his wardrobe with a bedsheet around her neck.

The distraught Dishon took down her body and carried it to his car heading to Jacaranda Maternity Home to see if he could save her life. Unfortunately, he was informed she was already dead.

He, therefore, spent the whole of Saturday driving around the city with the body in his car as all police stations refused to accept it for fear he had tampered with the crime scene.

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