'Death can come knocking anytime', says Diamond

Diamond was paying tribute to singer Costa Titch

• Diamond Platnumz is still mourning the death of  South African rapper Costa Titch.

• Diamond said he was still in disbelief.

Diamond Platnumz with Costa Titch

Diamond Platnumz is still mourning the death of  South African rapper Costa Titch.

Speaking about him on Wasafi TV, Diamond said he was still in disbelief.

"It is sad but the biggest lesson is that we are of God and to God, we shall return. We should be able to prepare for tomorrow, when death knocks, you are not able to see it coming, you are not ready," he said.

"When I heard he fell, I thought it was like the way artistes fall on stage and wake up to redeem themselves but he died. It shows that God can take us anytime, let's also live with people no matter how life might be challenging."

He went on to advise;

"The more the days go, the more the world changes, and you as yourself 'will I really go to heaven?' It's crazy but let's not give up."

Diamond said he will be fasting like any other Muslim no matter what people say about him as a public figure who is Muslim.

"People should not tell you that you should not fast because you pierced your ears, haven't the Maasai done that as well?" he asked.

Ramadhan is set to start the evening of Wed, Mar 22, 2023, and probably end on the evening of Thu, Apr 20, 2023.

Earlier on, Diamond described the late South African rapper Costa Titch as family in his recent interview.

Rapper and songwriter Costa Tsobanoglou popularly known as Costa Titch collapsed and died at a music festival in Johannesburg over the weekend.

Diamond said the icon was his close friend who respected him.

"He really rooted for me. He was so disciplined. When I see an indiscipline person, I just block them because I know I have surpassed you in wealth, fame and literally just everything," he said.

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