Why DCI haven’t arrested any suspects in Jeff Mwathi’s death

It had earlier been rumoured Jeff committed suicide.

• Jeff Mwathi was murdered on February, 22.

• His body was thrown from the 10th floor of the building DJ Fatxo lives in.

DJ Fatxo he is a suspect in the death of Jeff Mwathi.

There have been questions from Kenyans on why the DCI is yet to arrest anyone regarding the death of Jeff Mwathi.

In the February 22 incident, Mwathi who was an interior designer was captured on CCTV footage falling from the 10th-floor apartment window of the house belonging to DJ Fatxo.

According to reports, Mwathi had been in DJ Faxto's house after spending the night partying with the popular Mugithi singer alongside his cousin and driver.

CCTV footage from the Redwood apartments showed Mwathi with DJ Fatxo and three unidentified women returning to the DJ's apartment around 3 am.

In a presser with local blogs the DCI through their officer shared

"There are ongoing investigations.

When we reach the right time the file will be presented to the ODPP before a decision to charge is made.

If anyone of you has information regarding the incident, let them cooperate with the police so that the information is documented and a decision is made as to the evidence thresh hold."

Further adding

Anyone with information that might help solve the murder puzzle was requested to make an official report to the police.

"If anyone has been threatened by the suspects, Make a report to the police so that it can be investigated independently.

 If we mix the issues we are going to miss the point.

One can visit the DCIO, and Kasarani offices. If they refuse to do so visit DCI headquarters."

Why are there no arrests made?

"We do not put the cart before the horse.

we must package the evidence first. We cannot arrest them first in case there is nowhere to take them in case we are not prosecuting them.

Investigations have no stipulated time frame.

It is not a crime that is likely to be committed by one person.

We are taking time so that we take them to court because of evidence and not because of public pressure."

Detectives established that there was a scuffle in the house of key suspect Lawrence Njuguna alias Dj Fatxo after a forensic examination of the house.

DCI detectives who took over the case from Kasarani police believe Mwathi was killed before he was thrown from the apartment's rooftop in the wee hours of February 23.

They dismissed claims that the 23-year-old threw himself from Fatxo's bedroom window since the window grills are too small for a person to go through.

Fatxo, who termed Jeff as his good friend, has since denied involvement in his death and said he will cooperate with investigators. 

He told the Media on March 12 that he was the one who reported to the police about Jeff's disappearance on the morning he died.

This was after he left in the company of three ladies but returned hours later but did not find Jeff in the house.

"I'm so willing to cooperate with the detectives, DCI until we all know what happened to Jeff," he said.

Further adding

"For Kenyans and my fans, keep praying for me, this is hard but we will emerge victorious."

Detectives said on Friday the next phase of the investigation will see them question three other people who were in the house the night Jeff died.

Officers from the Kasarani Police station who were the first at the scene of the crime will also be questioned.

Jeff was buried on March 3 in Nakuru County.

The DCI took over investigations into his death after Interior CS Kithure Kindiki on March 10 instructed Directorate of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin to conduct intensive investigations into the matter. 

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