• Pauline and her bae Kevo have been together for 5 years.

• She now says the visit might have been God's way of exposing Kevo's wicked ways.

Woman goes viral after visiting her boyfriend only to find him with another woman.

By now you might have seen a viral video of a lady crying outside her boyfriend's house after she found him hosting another woman.

The man in question is the boyfriend of one Pauline Njoki.

According to the heartbroken damsel, she had decided to surprise her bae by visiting him ahead of his birthday.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Pauline shared

"I went to visit my BF Kevo., I wanted to surprise him as the next day was his birthday. I did not know he had invited another woman over.

If he had not left her shoes outside I would not have known. I tried knocking and no one opened the door."

Why did she not inform him she was visiting? The 23-year-old responded

" I have dated Kevo since I was in campus thus I did not feel the need to tell him that I was coming.

I had even been given a package by my mum to bring it so that we can survive on it."

Pauline says her now ex-bae has blocked her after the video went viral.

"Kevo has blocked me since the video

Every time I call him using another phone he hangs up. He says I have ruined his name, especially with people he leaves around.

I never thought he would do these to me, I had seen red flags but I ignored them."


"I loved Kevo despite the mane having a bad reputation. I was surprised someone but I ended up being surprised."

Was it staged?

"No It wasn't staged, Obidan Dela (Kevo's neighbour and Tiktoker) offered me a place to sleep) found me knocking on the door.

Dela took me to a friend and that is where I slept. I went back to Kevo's place the next day as there were documents I needed."

Pauline says she broke Kevo's n car side mirror out of anger.

"We have come from far and I just found myself doing so."

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