• Njambi Njau says she would have ended up depressed were it not for her family.

• She and her ex-husband share a child.

Inooro presenter Njambi Njau

Inooro TV presenter Njambi Njau has revealed her marriage broke a year after they held a wedding.

The mother of one says at the time she said 'I Do' she was already heavy with child.

Sharing her experience with Jeff Kuria, she narrated

"In 2018 I wanted to get married so badly.

By the time I did my wedding, I was pregnant. I left my marriage when the child was three months old."

Njambi says her ex-husband deserted their marriage and left her to suffer.

" I was not the one who left him. He is the one who left.

'I would see him around and it was tough, to be frank."

She praised her family for being supportive. At the time she also lost her job thus rendering her jobless and single.

"I went through such a hard time. By the time I lost my job, I had already rented my own place.

My family sat down and decided how best to help me out.

My parents would pay my rent, my sisters bought me shopping while my brother paid my house help and sorted out other bills.

They covered my shame and nakedness. I would take photos and share them on Instagram but behind the scenes, I was suffering." 

Njambi says her family had reservations about her ex-husband but she ignored them

"My brother never liked my ex-husband.

I thought they were just protective because I am the last born.

If it costs your peace it's not worth it. You move on."

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