Cartoon Comedian- Vera and Amber Ray stole my helicopter idea

Cartoon comedian says people should stop undermining people who come from the ghetto.

• Both Vera and Amber Ray used helicopters during their gender reveal parties.

•Vera Sidika also blasted Amber Ray for copying her helicopter idea.

she has called out Amber Ray and vera Sidika for 'stealing' her helicopter idea.
Cartoon Comedian. she has called out Amber Ray and vera Sidika for 'stealing' her helicopter idea.

Ex-Churchill show comedienne and content creator Cartoon Comedian has called out Vera Sidika and Amber Ray for allegedly stealing her helicopter idea.

The duo recently used helicopters during their gender reveal parties.

Cartoon now says it was her idea, adding the only difference is she was not pregnant hence she was not revealing any gender.

"Sijafurahi,hii story ya helicpter ndio nilianza. Vera na Amber ray wamenicopy. You can even go and check, Muwache kudharau sisi watu wa Ghetto we can invest. The only difference is that sina mimba.Anyway next time I will participate."

On Friday night, Vera accused Amber of copying her gender reveal idea when she landed her party in a chopper.

“They wanted to reveal gender with chopper too. Plans just changed last minute because I posted mine and it trended for three days.

“They had to look for plan B coz now it would have been too obvious coz the Chopper was already booked. They had to just find a way to use it.

“Told planner she wants to copy my entire gender reveal party and does it right before mine shows on TV.

“Someone wanting to do everything from my gender reveal party and wants to do it right before mine shows on TV,".

Adding that;

“So when it airs it looks like I copied her. Cheee. Wickedness in this world is too much and the same person said they hate me so much. That I am fake na roho chafu, yet they don’t even know me personally,”.

On Saturday, Amber put out a classy response, addressing Vera’s allegations. In her clap back, Ray argued that the gender reveal idea was started back in 2008 by Jenna Karvunidis and anybody who have held one after that was just copying her (Jenna).

“Dear Queen,

I also copied the gender, I copied marriage, and everything else that came before me. Allow me to explain something to you, my enemy! All gender reveal parties are copied from Jenna Karvunidis who began the trend in 2008,” Amber said in part.

Amber Ray went in to state that Vera has always done things to show off instead of enjoying life.

“So while I leave your brains scattered back there. I’m far away in 2023 where we do parties to enjoy not to be the best online trend.

“ My game is natural, my fame comes naturally …just like you made it happen now. Be creative to enjoy not to entertain. Let your enjoyment be their entertainment.

She continued to say;

“If you have managed to read this all the way to the end then you are powerful enough to take your life out of the box you have placed yourself in where you must show your star to us for you to see it. Be the star you already are first, and the world will see it too. In other good news…imagine two Kenyan women using helicopters for their baby reveal parties in 2023! Isn’t this a wonderful year for Kenya? Lead with love and you will take us all by surprise 🤗….. #amberthebrand

“Na Unikome please!!!”.

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