• The former beauty queen and the journalist have been at each other's neck from last year.

She has called out Trevor Ombija for intimidating her and has vowed to sue him and 'his' hotel Samaki Samaki.
Former Model Emma Too. She has called out Trevor Ombija for intimidating her and has vowed to sue him and 'his' hotel Samaki Samaki.

Former beauty queen turned landscape architect Emma Too is reigniting her beef with former news anchor Trevor Ombija's posh bar and restaurant over what she claims as the restaurant failing to uphold their end of the bargain.

Ms. Too took to her Twitter account to call out the establishment identified as Samaki Samaki which is located in the affluent side of Kilimani.

Her complaint? Same as last year, she claims that the establishment's music is remarkably loud music that it sips into her walls inhibiting her from a good night’s sleep.

The former beauty queen called upon Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to take swift action as the nuisance was intolerable.

She further decried the self-regulation agreement bar owners promised to take saying it was all a façade.

“Today we won’t sleep! The neighbourhood nuisance has decided we must listen to music all night! Sometimes I wish I had special powers I could use badly for the common good like sending lightning to strike their music equipment! I’m honestly getting exhausted!” angrily wrote Ms Too before adding:

We are not children of a lesser God! This is not right! Can this place be called to order! This is what y’all call self-regulation?!!! This is the amicable position they’ve taken!"

She then went on to share a couple of videos from inside her house where music from the establishment could be heard inside her living space.

In the tweets to follow the architect complained severally maintaining that either Samaki Samaki learns to turn off their music by 10 pm or they get out of the residential neighbourhood.

"@SakajaJohnson @NemaKenya We feel let down completely!They’ve turned down the music! They need to put it off by 22:00! It’s a residential area! Why do we have to keep repeating the same complaints, they should stop tasting they waters" Part of her tweet reads.

Ms. Too added that she wasn't backing down from this fight any time soon.

"Personally I will never relent… I will call them to order, it’s obvious they know when post. Music on again!!! It’s bloody 1:00 am! Surely so much for self-regulation. This won’t work at all. Why don’t they just follow the by-laws?

Most people chew food to the sound of loud music! There isn’t any benefit to playing loud music! Respect those you found, do your business, clean your stash… let us have peace at home! You found us here! Period!" the last of her angry tweets and cries to the governor and NEMA read.

Last year Trevor and Ms. Too were engaged in a heated war after Trevor claimed that the veteran beauty queen was targeting his establishment because he wouldn’t give Ms. Too a landscaping job at his club.

A lie Ms. Too vehemently denied as he called out Trevor revealing that the former journalist didn't even own the club and was managing it for his mumama as he was a kept man. 

She came after him with evidence of her complaints laid out to Ombija’s alleged co-club owner and videos showing how the music from his club was too loud within her premises for her family to enjoy the comfort of their space.

For the better part of that day in October 2022, Trevor was engaged in a Twitter war by complainant resident Emma Too, lawyer Nelson Havi and Kilelelshwa Member of County Assembly, Robert Alai.

As much as Trevor tried defending himself for all nuisance his club was causing, tweeps were not buying it as they called for him to soundproof his premises and come up with better ways to stop being a nuisance instead of trying to fault the residents for complaining.

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