• Ferdinand OMondi was given an ultimatum to either leave Tahidi HIgh or lose his chance to be a TV host.

• He currently works with BBC.

Ferdinand Omondi and his wife Caroline
Image: Instagram

BBC reporter Ferdinand Omondi has revealed why he quit acting on Tahidi High.

The show revolved around high school students.

In a recent YouTube interview on Jikoni time with Obayi in the segment ''On My Couch", the journalist shared he was told to chose between being a Citizen TV reporter of an actor on the same TV station.

This was because of conflicting interests.

"When I was confirmed at Citizen TV as a reporter, I was still acting at Tahidi High and there was a clash between Mule the character and myself as the media personality," he told the hostPatrick Obayi.

Being an actor meant he couldn't be a reporter due to clashing schedules.

On days he was meant to shoot the show he was also expected to report for the station and his editors made him choose between the two.

"I did not want to leave Tahidi High but there was an ultimatum and I had to quit the show," he stated.

Omondi noted that he wanted to leave the show on a high as he had been nominated for an award the years Chaguo La Teeniz Awards but that did not materialize. 

Omondi has in the past talked about why most TV anchors go broke despite being paid well.

In a post  Ferdinand explained

 "I was reading the paper today and came across this. Two full pages of nothing but auctioneers. And it worries me. There are many reasons for being stuck in a rut. Many, however, are self imposed.

Having lived in Nairobi and Mombasa, I can tell with some authority that the level of plastic prosperity in the capital city is worrying. In Mombasa you can commute however you want, drive whatever you want, live wherever you wish. No one cares."

He further added

In Nairobi, people will judge you by the mat you choose to board, the car your drive, the area you live in, and even what you order in the bar.

Friends compete with friends to impress, throwing bottles of single malt whiskey with prices equivalent to the house rent they should be paying.

We take loans to buy sofa sets and high-end wigs, and to finance that holiday in Diani so our Instagram pages can be dope.

In the end, we are servicing loans we don’t need, are blacklisted at the bank, your name is at the CRB, and the Shylock is after you."

Omondi says most of these people end up being auctioned

"Next thing you know, you are being auctioned, and suddenly you have to move from Kilimani back to your mother’s house or worse.

If only you bought a Demio and lived in Roysambu as you saved and grew, instead of taking that loan to buy a Harrier you couldn’t even fuel, you wonder.

But regrets always come later. Meanwhile , your pals and slay queens who praised your ability to throw pint have moved on to the next brother with moist hands and a fattened bank account from the fresh loan he will pay for the next 6 years.

Friends, it’s time for a rethink. I know I am. Have a financially independent week."


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