• Njoki currently has over 2.3 followers on TikTok.

Njoki Murira.
Image: Instagram/Njoki Murira.

Popular TikTok content creator Njoki Murira has revealed that in the last 5 months, she has made a whopping 3.4 million shillings from the video-creating platform!

Njoki made the revelation during a segment of QnA with her Instagram followers when a curious netizen asked her about her income from the app,

"How much do you earn? Like the monthly income through TikTok?" the unidentified Instagram user asked. To which Njoki replied by sharing a screenshot from her app indicating her gift revenue.

According to the screenshot the content creator had accumulated over 6.8 diamonds and more were to be updated once earnings from her previous live video had been processed.

TikTok diamonds are "gifts/presents" followers and fans send you which are then converted to money.

Following the post, Njoki wrote, "It has been 1 year now, divide the diamonds by 2 and that is the money I have earned from my live TikTok videos. Mind you I have been streaming for only 5 months now."

She went on to highlight that one can make money both directly from the app and also from working with brands and companies.

On how she decided to become a TikToker Njeri said it was all by chance and fortune favoured her. "I used to sell mtush so when I didn't have customers I'd just use that time to create videos and post them because TikTok is all about having fun.

I did a kavideo and boom it trended though that account was banned the one I currently have is a new one."

And fortune is truly on her side as her new account (which is just a year old) has already hit more than 2.3 million followers.

Njoki is known for her enormous behind that she has no issue showing off and her kienyeji energy. She is always posting videos in the village as well as doing funny dances.

In the Q&A she also revealed that she made her first million at just 19 years old. "I made my first million at 19, I used to work with a company in Norway as a sentry."

Njoki joins fellow TikToker Alma Mutheu who has made it public how much they've made from the app.

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