• The comedy content creator Jemutai narrated how netizens who are over 30 cannot survive at the generation Z clubs.

• The dancing styles she was witnessing were not the ones she was used to. 

shin city live in eldoret
shin city live in eldoret

The comedy content creator Jemutai narrated how netizens who are over 30 cannot survive at the generation Z clubs.

Through her socials she explained how she and her friends went to a club one Saturday night and they could not keep up.

"Peer pressure on Saturday made us go somewhere kama wamama, and we told ourselves we are not doing merry go round we are doing merry go forward and we want to have fun," she said. 

What you ask you get, the question is utawezana?

Jemutai and her friends convinced themselves they could manage keeping up with them kids until they could not.

The dancing styles they were witnessing were not the ones they were used to. 

"The former president Moi came up with the dancing style of shaking a finger and we did the same, the Luyahs came up with shaking of your shoulders and we did that too," she continued. 

However, the moves she was seeing from the new generation was not giving.

"There is this new generation that shakes their bum, inapepeta design inaweza wakisha jiko mbili at once,"   Jemutai shared. 

To her surprise, she did not understand why she went there in the first place, she was locked on gazing at everything that was going on around her. 

"Wasichana hapa chini wanatingiza nanii." 

The comedian was also observing how men were gawking at the ladies thinking "hii naeza kula kama tacos" 

In the midlist of "girls night out" Jemutai ran into one of her neighbors claiming they never talk to each other.

But at the club the neighbor was friendly and she even got them a round of drinks.

"What is it that happens when you get to the club you drink a little and now you like everybody, but in the streets you don't know them?" she asked. 

The friend of your friend is my friend, sio? 

She is pleading with the over 30's to find somewhere to meet on Fridays so that they can listen to Maroon Commandos. 

"People who are 30 and above, please is there a place where we can just meet on Fridays, even if we will just sing a few chorus lakini we do not go to the club because what is that, tutawezana na hii gen z ya I give it like ta ta ta."  

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