. The three boys were comforted by their mother.

. The late Ivan died in 2017.

Zari and her sons.
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan and her three grown-up sons have visited the grave of the late Ivan Ssemwanga. Her boys were remembering Ivan who died in 2017.

Ivan was a Ugandan-born South African-based businessman. He died at the age of 39. In a video on her social media, Zari showed the three boys looking around in a sorrowful moment.

She comforted them about the sad moment saying, "Wish heaven had visiting hours" she captioned adding "It is well sons".

zari comforts her sons at their fathers grave
zari comforts her sons at their fathers grave

He was one of the members of the self-styled Rich Gang group well known in both South Africa and Uganda.

The other members of the group were Ed Cheune and his cousin, Lawrence Senyonjo popularly known as King Lawrence.

Ivan Semwanga passed away at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria where he had been admitted for 12 days after a stroke that left him paralyzed. Ivan married Zari in a traditional wedding and they were blessed with 3 sons.

In 2015, Zari broke up with Ssemwanga and got married to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, with whom she has 2 children now.

The group was known for throwing flamboyant parties and lavishing people with bundles of money annually in December whenever they returned to Uganda for the festive season.

Partygoers often described Ivan as “a man that brought life to showbiz in Kampala”.

Ivan owned a chain of schools named Brooklyn Colleges, with 7 campuses all over South Africa, real estate, and other businesses all in South Africa.

He left a palatial home in Waterkloof, a suburb in Pretoria, South Africa, where he lived with his children. He also left a big mansion in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.

Zari and her current boyfriend Shakib Cham visited the grave back in January. It has been said that Ivan and Shakib knew each other.

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