Ringtone- Diana B is promoting immorality with her songs

The controversial gospel artist reveals that he once unfollowed Bahati


• Ringtone has decided to attack Diana Marua over her song “Narudi Soko”

• Ringtone has compared the lyrics of the song to prostitution.

Image: Instagram

Ringtone has  attacked Diana Marua over her song “Narudi Soko”  claiming that the song promotes prostitution and immorality.

According to the controversial gospel artist, he feels like the song is not appropriate for a woman married to a gospel artist (Bahati).

 In a video circulating online, Ringtone has compared the lyrics of the song to prostitution. He also called for the song to be banned.

"Hiyo ngoma ya Diana ni ngoma yenye haifai kuruhusiwa ichezwe, kwa sababu inatenekeza umalaya. Inaambia wanawake waache mabwana zao, waoge, warudi soko kuuza. Kwani soko ni nini? Soko si ni mahali pa kuuza vitu. Sasa wanawake wanafaa kwenda kutuuzia nini soko?" The musician said in an intervew with Nicholas Kioko.

Adding that,

"Diana B  is a woman and we respect her, she is pretty, and wife to my friend or former friend so usiimbe vitu kama hizo, zinaharibu generation."

According to him, he does not understand the reason why Tanasha unfollowing Diana is becoming a big deal and news revealing that he once unfollowed Bahati and was never in blogs adding that he cannot involve himself in women's drama.

" Mimi nimeunfollow Bahati na it was never on blogs, I followed him again recently and can still unfollow him, I can't involve myself in women's drama." He noted.

This comes after Tanasha Unfollowed Diana after dissing her in her new trending song.

Last week Diana Marua released a diss track to several celebrities in Kenya and Tanzania teasing them about their failed relationships.

In the song 'Narudi Soko' Diana Disses Tanasha for her breakup with Tanzanian Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz.

The song is currently trending on Youtube.

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