• He is of mixed race
• He started hustling early in school in Uganda

posing in yellow jacket
KRG the Don posing in yellow jacket
Image: Instagram


KRG The Don's tribe is often mistaken, and that's because of his accent.

However many mistake him for aa Kisii. He told Iko Nini Podcast why this is so.

"I grew up in Kisii from Primary School. I speak it very fluently" He is a Kikuyu mixed with Asian. "Mathangu ni mhindi , babangu ni msapere" he clarified.

He lived there until he was a teen.

"Mi hubonga hadi Kisii, so there are those who claim me, and unajua huwezi muambia mkisii niligrow na wewe alafu kutoka primary alafu ugeuze"

How did his parents meet

"Ata mimi sielewi hata hiyop ndipo mi huuliza matha juu si understand"

He told that his mother is beautiful and young so much so that people mistake hr for his sibling.

"Ni myoung bado anakaa fiti sana nashaangaa tuu vile walipatana na mzae"

He told maybe his parents married perhaps because his dad had sweet words

KRG has four siblings. , two girls and three boys. The last born is in High School.

"They are not int he limelight" he shared.

He finished primary in Kisii and High School in Uganda, where he learnt to hustle.

He attended Class 1 and 2 in Naivasha and after that lived in Kilgoris upto class 8.

His father was a businessman in the region

"He was a jack of all trades, in farming, in retail business, so we would migrate with him as needed"

They even lived in Narok and Nairobi.


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