• Maina Kageni today asked his listeners about proposal before marriage.

• Maina asked Mwalimu King'ang'i why some men never propose to their women.

and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i
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Classic 105's breakfast presenter Maina Kageni today asked his listeners about proposal before marriage.

Maina asked Mwalimu King'ang'i why some men never propose to their women.

"Do Kenyan men understand the importance of these things? Ladies how do you just start living with a man and start doing the wifely duties? It doesn't work that way.

Mwalimu King'ang'i responded saying that most women automatically get married after they get pregnant of the men they are with.

"Hii kitu haina formula. Inaanzanga na mimba! Ladies, what did he tell you to commit to him?" King'ang'i asked.

The topic has elicited a serious discussion on Facebook with many sharing their experiences.

Most men said they realised they were married after the woman got pregnant.

Here are a few comments from Facebook.

Çhàírmàñ Wà Síñglès: Hii maneno ya going on your knees asking her whether she'll marry you is for wealthy dudes..Sisi mamorio we proposes through impregnating.... That way,you manipulate her just like we manipulate hen using maize.She be your "Come here go there person".

Gitonga Mwikamba: Dunga mtu Mimba, then ask her, "do you want to be my wife or single mother?" And there you have the wife.

Shar Kibet: Me I only remember nikiambiwa utakuja ama niaje?

Esther Jackie Agung: Men do not see the need to propose coz we women have made ourselves available and do not care whether they propose or not all we care about is bora naitwa bibi ya so and so. You go to a man's house twice and the third time you move in with him. The same way we get easily into marriage is the same way the marriages are breaking easily coz there was no commitment from both sides ,all you were committed to was making your bodies available for each other.

Nicholas Vugigi: Maina how do you propose to a lady and may be you the 40th to propose for her.

MinSonia NyarAnyango: Saa zingine come-we-stay is great juu when you are fed up you take your babies and disappear.

Mwenja Kiha Joseph: If a man doesn't propose to you, ladies, it might be he isn't certain about marrying you, he doesn't like some things about you, he has found someone better than you, he is not confident enough to handle you or he doesn't trust you.

Julius Mukuru: I hear our forefathers used to ran away with the girls to their homes literally by force. Proposing is for the middle class otherwise huku nje ni swali moja tu. Unaenda!?

Del Pasado KE: Maina, proposals are for tenders, marriage feeling hujileta tu,and do u know most men marry unplanned? You realise later after some months, ati ulioa.

Martin Chalulot: Proposing ni ya wazungu, yetu ni gaidi kupata mimba.

Angela Ngetich: Proposal before pregnancy,what if you get pregnant na gaidi aruke? If he can't propose then keep waiting if time goes,then kindly slow down because there is no future there just awaste of time.

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