How Dj Faxto's gf has responded to cyberbullying

The assumption is that Gathoni was one of the ladies who was at the apartment on the night of Jeff Mwathi's death

• Netizens first found out about the presenter identified as Gathoni Waruguru on the 5th of March.

DJ Fatxo with his GF.
Image: Instagram/DJ Fatxo

Mugithii Dj and famed artist Dj Fatxo has been facing immense backlash ever since 23-year-old interior designer Jeff Mwathi fatally died in his apartment and now it seems the hate has been sipped to his girlfriend as well.

Dj Faxto's girlfriend, a TV presenter with a vernacular station has been forced to turn off her Instagram comment section following all the drama going on in her boyfriend's life.

Netizens first found out about the presenter identified as Gathoni Waruguru on the 5th of March when the Mugiithi singer celebrated the TV presenter in a heartfelt post, declaring his feelings for her.

Turns out it was around the same time 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi died while at the Dj's apartment.

Gathoni was turning a year older and Faxto wanted the whole world to know how proud he was of his woman.

"Happy birthday my love @its_gathoni_waruguru I wish you health and wealth in abundance cuddle bunny, sasa hope over here and let me give you a special birthday gift🥰❤️" The Dj lovingly wrote.

DJ Fatxo with his gf.
Image: Instagram/DJ Fatxo

His girlfriend responded to the post writing, "Thank you my darl❤️I thank God every single day for bringing you on my way, just felt a huge surge of love for you. Tml with my gift From heaven.💞💞 I miss you 🥺"

Netizens however are suspecting that Faxto posted his girlfriend for the very first time because he knew the storm coming his way.

Following Jeff Mwathi's death and the assumption that Gathoni was one of the ladies who were at the apartment on the fateful night.

She has been receiving so much hate that she's been forced to disable her comment section in all her recent posts to keep the primarily negative comments at bay.

Dj Faxto has also been facing massive backlash with Kenyans calling for justice for the late Jeff Mwathi staging a protest outside where he lives yesterday.

His Instagram page has also been flocked by netizens calling him out and playing both judge and jury, however unlike his girlfriend, he still has his comment section up.

It is alleged that Mwathi fell from the 10th floor of Redwood Apartments along Thika Road where the DJ lives.

The circumstances under which he died are still unclear and DCI is investigating the matter.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, homicide department visited DJ Fatxo's apartment on Friday.

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