• The Kenyan musical band Matata shared a before and after photo of one of their five members, Marcus Ojiambo, appreciating the far he has come. 

• He came from Dandora where he lived in the streets.

Marcus Ojiambo of the famous band Matata

Marcus Ojiambo  is a true testimony of  the saying from grass to grace.

Matata Band shared a before and after photo of one of their member fondly known as Marcus Ojiambo appreciating the far he has come. 

Ojiambo  came from Dandora where he lived in the streets before he was a member of the FBI to the man that he is today.

"From humble beginnings in Dandora where he was living in the streets to achieving his dreams through hard work and perseverance," the post said.

Marcus is a big part of the groups success due to his outstanding choreography.

It is through his dream that he worked hard and was determined to make it out of the hood. 

"Never underestimate the power of hard work and determination," the post continued. 

The group advised that it does not matter where one comes from or where one starts from, your dream can seem unrealistic but they are achievable.    

His fans were proud and happy for him just as his other members were.

Kenyans on Twitter
Image: Twitter

The man is also married and has a daughter.

The group first emerged in 2016 due to their dancing skills before they decided to venture into music in the year 2017.

They had previously met in Kenya before coincidentally running into each other again in Norwegian city in Oslo where they were studying.  

Marcus was the last member to join the team.  

Their unique style of making music by incorporating kikuyu and sheng into their rap is what makes them stand out. 

Even tough they had started to pursue music they first released their song "DENGE" in the year 2019 and have been releasing bangers ever since then. 

They have collaborated with the like of Wakadinali, Sauti Sol, Mejja, Stella Mwangi, Bensoul, Nvirii and many more. 

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