Dufla Diligon- I am responsible for Huddah's pregnancy

Huddah shared the news of her pregnancy on her socials.

• Dufla has a crush on Anerlisa Muigai

dancehall singer dufla diligon.
dancehall singer dufla diligon.

Kenyan rapper Dufla Diligon now claims he is responsible for Huddah Monroes pregnancy.

The socialite cum business woman recently revealed she is three months pregnant.

Moments after Huddah made the announcement, rapper Dufla Diligon also took to social media to brag about ba

''I told you guys I will get her now our pregnancy is three months old soon baby Monroe Dufla coming! Mambo imechemka,'' Dufla wrote.

Dufla has in the past confessed his undying love for Anerlisa Muigai.

The artist said he is confident her parents will welcome him as a prospective in law.

He put on his Instagram that "The only Woman I Want In My Life Right Now Is ANERLISA MUIGAI"

In a podcast with KRG The Don, Dufla Diligon said "I want to marry her and right now I will take cows . I have planned myself nataka niend kabisa nipeleke ngombe."

KRG told him that unfortunately, Anerlisa is dating and so he should stand down

"You want Anerlisa? No way, she is dating someone already ako na jamaa, unataka Anerlisa?"

Dufla said he won't give up his quest to marry his crush even though she has someone.

"I will go after her. Ati she has someone? Mtu mgani? It's only me. Do you know for how long I have analyzed Anerlisa? I know what she needs, who can surely refuse to open their gate for cows? "

Referencing that Kikuyu's welcome cows as dowry he says he has a lorry full of cows 

KRG told Dufla he is a mshamba because "unataka kupeleka ngomba mahali hawaja fungua gate?lakini uko na mshamba wewe masai"

"I have planned myself kabisa mzee. Who can refuse to open their gate for a lorry full of cows?  I know they have a big shamba, kwa hivyo mimi nafunguliwa tu space naweka ngomba kwa shamba, naambia mama one two hii"

KRG laughed not convinced his friend is well informed

"Are you sur eyou want to marry Anerlisa? uko serious?" KRG asked

The BFF arrogantly told him a Masai man will not be stopped

""Unafikiri ile lorry ya ten million ulikuwa unafikiria ni ya nini .ile lorry kama ya baba ya petition? si ni ya ngombe nimeendea huko"

What would he tell Anerlisa if he saw her right now?

Dufla diligon The only woman that singer Dufladiligon wants in his life right now is Anerlisa Muigai
Dufla diligon The only woman that singer Dufladiligon wants in his life right now is Anerlisa Muigai

"Dufla said Anerlisa needs to date serious men not boys.

"The one thing I wan tto tell that madam, you know she has been dating boys, amekuwa akipatwa an vijana wanamuona wanamkimbilia, kama ule ben pol amemdate one week then a ring, then a wedding. Mbio mingi sana" 

Dufla described how he would woo Anerlisa

"I have alot of cows, I will take them to her parents home, I will deal with her parents especially mama - Tabitha Karanja"

He added

"Naanza from the roots , ndio nasema kama huamini, sijamuambia hapana ndio naumabia saa hii,"

KRG suggested that because of his determination, he will consider hooking them up.

" I know Anerlisa I can introduce you because she is my friend. But talk to me nicely, because I can call her. I will tell her a Masai disturbing me about you""

KRG changed his mind though after thinking about it some more "

"On second thoughts I don't want to be involved in your personal business. sitaki kuingilia maneneo yenu sana msikuje kuona in future mukuje kunisumbua "

He said he won't hook them up because "walakin I will not do this again for anyone then later when things get rough you come for me in future mniletee polisi hapa hapa wanikamatee, sitaki, wewe ji hook up"

KRG said he fears landing in police cells "Me I don't want problems in Nairobi again, ebu simamisha hii gari tafadhali, I know she has someone, wewe jiongelele, "

Dfal told KRG not to worry he will handle getting Anerlisa without his help.

"actually it is not you to do it - hook them up ni mama"

His plans involved going directly to his would-be mother-in-law.

Dufla congratulated Tabitha Karanja who was sworn in as Nakuru Senator on a UDA ticket.

Dufal said "Mimi ndio mwenye kazi sasa. I wan t to take the cows for dowry to mama first congratulations. . Ameshika mother in law alikula ile senator ameuma ile, bro nishamaliza kazi, unajua bro kuna kitu inaitwa natural feeling"

The confident Dufla concluded "twende Nairobi saa hii"

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