• The gospel artist has publicly condemned LGBTQ and asked Kenyans to join him in fighting the community

Daddy Owen.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan gospel artist Daddy Owen has just revealed that his life is in danger owing to his recent condemnation of the LGBTQ community trying to crop up in the country.

The artist, while speaking to bloggers and online media reporters who had gone to meet him at the JKIA after he jetted in from his trip to Rwanda, revealed that he had been receiving a series of threats from strange people since he made his stand on LGBTQ  public.

"I have received multiple threats via phone calls with people warning me that I'm dealing with powerful people, "Daddy Owen claimed.

He went on to add that he was not scared of the threats and was ready to face anything thrown his way while maintaining that his stand was not shifting and he'd fight this fight to the core.

On being asked if he would be taking any course of action against the people calling him with these threats, Owen said he doesn't take the threats seriously so he didn't see the need to involve the police.

"I'm not reporting anyone to the police. By the way, if someone has an issue, come let's meet in public face to face. I'm prepared and I know myself. I'm used to this kind of life and there are some threats that I don't take seriously." Owen blandly said.

The singer maintained that this wasn't the first battle he was facing in his life and he wasn't scared at all even though there are people trolling him saying that he'll lose the fight this time round.

Owen also talked about his recent Instagram ban maintaining that he had received his final warning over violating its set community guidelines.

If he violates this last strike his account will permanently be deleted.

"Instagram deleted my posts and I can't monetize the platform... My Instagram can also never be recommended to anyone. However, I'm ready to stand for the truth," the artist told the online media at the airport.

He finished off by rubbishing claims he'd been paid to steward a campaign against the lgbtq+ community.

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