Comedian Njoro returns to comedy, speaks overcoming depression

Former Churchill show Comedian Njroro has launched a comedy tour

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He opens up about relaunching comedy career
• The tour will be in the USA

Njoro Comedian talks about depression.

Former Churchill Show comedian Njoro has announced a major comeback to the comedy industry. He has launched a comedy tour for Kenyans in the US.

Njoro while speaking to Andrew Kibe, told that he is committed to his craft despite having left the popular show.

"Na imekuwa noma sana we are so many comedians from Kenya and they don't want to be in the public too much, "

Hinting it has something to do with their status.

The first show is on the 18th in Delaware and assures his Kenyan fans that he will avail the content.

"It will be a tour of the states, and I have received such good support, they swear by me "He also noticed there is a gap between Kenyan comedy in America.

He also plans to launch a couple of series' among other content creation hustles.He left Kenya to recover in America, where he went into hiding.

Njoro admitted to being depressed and having a loss over the last two years.

He described rejecting many job opportunities for things that did not help his life

"In 2020, 2921 I was so lost. I could not even perform I was being called for ma gigs kali unatafuta ma excuses, like gigs worth over a hundred thousand na mi sitaki kuenda natafuta ma excuses"

He started losing it

"ilikuja nikajichapa nikaenda tu down yani nilikuwa nimejipoteza"

But reality soon hit and he made the decision to leave Kenya again.

"Nilikuwa nisha fika mwisho coz I was feeling apana." He shared

He lives in America where he said he escaped to after a troubled life in Kenya

"Right now niko poa kabisa saa hizi im settled I cannot complain I'm good."

He spoke about splitting from his wife amid alcoholism claims and trending online 

They decided to end their marriage. They have children.

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