Chebet Ronoh started therapy after recent meltdown

Ronoh revealed she'd started therapy after her recent Twitter meltdown

• The 22-year-old shared a video where she updated her fans letting them know she'd officially started therapy.

Chebet Ronoh updates Kenyans on how her first therapy session went
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh has opened up about her struggles with suicidal thoughts and substance abuse after her first therapy session since her social media "meltdown" where she went off on several media personalities calling them out for wronging her.

The 22-year-old shared a video where she updated her fans letting them know she'd officially started therapy.

In her usual sense of humour the TikTok sensation mused that the doctor had fixed her brain because very few people in her life are able to make her view things in life differently.

Unpacking what she'd learnt from her session Ronoh said, "I never really know what to say when asked this question. Where would I start? ‘Would you like to know about when they started bullying me in class four?’

I had to open up and tell him that I had this consistent need to die no matter how good my life is or how balanced I am.

There is just this one creeping thought of ‘I don’t want to be here like at all’. They get louder every time there is a minor inconvenience or when I make a mistake. Am too scared to do it though but in the right conditions…”

The comedian went ahead to reveal that she had talked with her therapist about her substance abuse problem that tends to take over in the moment.

“Then he says to me ‘If you succeed in this killing yourself or you dying, what does that solve?’ I’m like yes, probably my family members will feel bad but as for me, my ending my suffering stops. I don’t have to feel, you know….He says ‘there is no suffering that stops, it only continues" Ronoh emotionally narrated with balancing tears in her eyes.

She however, commended her therapist for being able to talk her through everything and helping her understand that there are no sinless people walking among us. The therapist also encouraged her on lowering the amount of pressure she has heaped on her young self as he encouraged her to learn to embrace all human experiences regardless of the things she has done.

Prior to taking the short social media break,Ronoh went on a Twitter rampage as she called out several influencers for copying her content with no ounce of originality.

These included Elsa Majimbo and Kate Actress. And she didn't stop there she went on to call out singer Nikita Kering for bullying her and sending her into depression.

She also revealed celebrity secrets about who was dating who as well as claimed there was beef between herself and influencer Shorn Arwa as well as former radio host Kamene Goro among others.

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