• A caller said women are to blame for stepping out with an unkempt man

• Maina said this on the Morning conversation 

Maina Kageni
Radio Presenter Maina Kageni
Image: Classic FM

 Maina Kageni has asked men to dress well when going out with their women. Maina said this on the Morning conversation when he asked women to talk about their men who are poor in dressing.

"Do men understand they can be a very big embarrassment to their women by dressing badly and being unkempt?" He asked

A caller said "Maina, Ubaya wa kupeleka hawa wanaume kwa your office parties, they will start embarrassing you. When you say Hi to your boss, they start causing unnecessary drama ati huyo ni nani? Ni heri wakae tu home"

Another caller said women are to blame for stepping out with an unkempt man.

Check out social media user's reactions;

Carolyne Kinuthia: Kufanya nini na kuna office husband's ...kila mtu akae kwa lane yake....

Cyprian Muthee: Wacha hio invite ikae hata zikipatikana #MainaAndKingangi

Fredrick Makau: They should also marry within that social standard we are not supposed to Osha mtu then she starts seen us as takataka. Mimi ata sinaga croaks juu ladies mshaa zitumia kama official wear

Phyllotheuri: Blame it on the woman. You can't accompany me in a pleated trousers with a turn up like the wakorino dresses. ..Trust me 😂😂

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