Homeboyz's radio presenter drugged and robbed

He was helped by boda boda guys after being drugged by a passenger

• Kiiru said he felt unwell when he boarded a Matatu in town to Ruiru.

• He was en route to Ruiru.

James Kiiru
James Kiiru

Homeboyz's radio presenter James Kiiru was robbed over the weekend after being drugged.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Kiiru said he felt unwell when he boarded a matatu in town to Ruiru.

"I sat next to this man who had a big jacket. At the time, my intuition was telling me to take an Uber. I had a laptop with me and I put it on the window side because I felt something was going on. I started feeling dizzy and unwell. The last place I remember seeing was TRM," he narrated.

Kiiru added, 'I don't know how I got to the stage but I know that some boda boda guys helped me. That wind that blew while I was on the boda boda helped me come to my senses."

James Kiiru
Radio Presenter James Kiiru

He slept for hours;

"I woke up in the morning ate breakfast but was still not well. I then slept until 4 PM. When I took a bath, that's when my mind unlocked and I remembered what had transpired."

Kiiru was robbed of his phone and ID. This is not the first time the presenter has undergone almost a similar incident in a Matatu.

"Last year in December, I was robbed by a driver while sitting next to him. I gave out my fare to the conductor and he saw how much money I had. He pickpocketed my wallet. I lost Ksh 5K, my ATM, ID, and press card."

While not falling afoul of nasty thugs, Kiiru hosts the 'Jam Session' on Homeboyz Radio.

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