• The show ended several years ago, but fans still have good memories of it.

• Sammy Otieno told Makena that is currently producing music;

tosh machachari
tosh machachari

Fast-rising actor Sammy Otieno aka Tosh from the TV show Machachari is getting candid about life post-TV.

The show ended several years ago, but fans still have good memories of it.

Speaking to YouTuber Glow Up With Makena, Tosh said he is mostly now focused on music.

"My music now is most important. I'm releasing an EP this year, 6 tracks"

Sammy Otieno told Makena that is currently producing music; "I've had the sensation for music for a very long time plus my dad has been in the media, so I've been to studios even before I could record.

"I've grown up on the creative side"

How did he land the Machachari role? 

He says his Dad got a call about auditions for a TV series and encouraged him to try it out. 

Even his mother was happy about this opportunity.

"I was in class five and I was given a heads up that it was a show called Machachari." 

He was handed a script and days later he was officially handed the role.

Machachari began in 2010 and aired on Citizen TV.

The role of Tosh in Machachari as a cool kid was easy to play because in real life he is a cool kid.

"Yes I can say I am privileged it went well because basically, I'm the same, it's just who I am. I just found myself picking it up, went with it" he continued.

Unfortunately for fans, the show ended and so did his role. He disappeared from TV for three years.

He returned to complete his education "So I just stayed low, finished all my businesses then I came back "

He has been featured in TV shows like Pepeta, and Njoro wa Uber, among other small local productions.

He keeps away from scandals because "I've kinda put two personalities, my private life I tend to keep it to myself and my public is what I want you guys to see to perceive it because that's what I've put out"

His net worth? "My net worth? Why is it a question these days? I would say about ten thousand dollars if I say I put my earning together"

Worst memory? It has to do with dating.

"I once dated three girls at once. Character development, si unajua mapenzi lazima upigwe...., nilichezana lakini game ikapiga mwamba vibaya"

He clarified that this was before his last girlfriend, "Dont ever do that "

The girls found out about each other and ganged up to confront him while he was with his friends. 

"I was told I don't have the power to handle women the way I think I do"

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