Otile Brown, Lexsil off for major mega show in Germany

This anticipated musical concert will take place at the Audi Doom Arena in München, Germany, on the 11th March 2023.

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.P Square among those on the list
.The concert is in Germany

He has been robbed of two Mac book laptops at Julius Nyerere airport
Otile Brown. He has been robbed of two Mac book laptops at Julius Nyerere airport


Otile Brown will be performing in a live concert in Germany Saturday 11 March.

The musician shared a video of his journey to Germany, expressing excitement at the opportunity.

He will be joing several other notable African stars in entertaining their fans this weekend.

"See yall soon" Otile captioned to fans at the airpoirt minutees before atkeoff.

He wil be joined by Lexsil.

sierra Leonaina musician Prince Kuti George will also join them on stage.

It is set to go down at the Audi Dome Arena Munchen. There is also an after paerty.

Otile Brown will then head to London a week later for another show.

"London……My 1st ever UK show. May 20th 2023……Save the date…….Super super excited."

the Just in Love singer has had quite soem achievements. Heis amogn the most followed youtube channels. with 1.28 subscribers followed closely by Bahati who has 1.1 million subs.

Seceral Kenyan musicians have been performign abroad, showing that the love for local music is at an all tiem high.

Among those who have been abraod include Arrow Bwoy, who was in Australia for a concert on February 24th in Sydney, February 25th in Febadelaide, and March 4th in Melbourne. He currently has a new collabo with Kristoff dubbed Pullop.

Arrow Bwoy excited fans on February 26 when he invited a Kenyan woman onstage tp perform his wife Nadia's song.

He praised her saying she is the Nadia of Adelaide.

The woman took to his Instagram to gush over him as well as he danced with her much to the delight of concert goers who screamed as he whined for her.

"melodykwambok. .....Thanks for the opportunity 😊☺️. It was nice being Nadia wa Adelaide🔥👏. Arrow boy to the world🔥❤️."

Another artiste who has recently been abraod was Trio Mio, who performed in Dubai last weekend.

His show also featured Dj Pierra on March 4.

The teen rapper was elated for the international recognition, promising his fans bigger things this year.

He performed in the ever popular entertainment spot Enish Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai with tickets going for 100 AED (around Ksh.3,475).

"It's your boy Trio Mio and I will be performing tomorrow at Enish Restaurant in Dubai. Y'all pull up so that we can have some fun.”

thsi resturant is the same place that Tanasha Donna had an encounter with boxer Floyd Mayweather. She shared a picture fangirling over him.

Trio Mio hailed his event as a sucess.

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