• Nyce Wanjeri and her ex husband share a daughter.

• Titus Wagithomo is an MC and a Karaoke host.

Nyce Wanjeri's ex husband Tito Wagithomo.

 Titus Wagithomo, ex-husband to Nyce Wanjeri has responded to allegations he was abusive to the actress.

The ex-couple were in a come we stay relationship for nine years before they went their separate ways.

Through his socials Wagithomo now alleges Nyce Wanjeri was seeking sympathy by dragging his name into the mud.

He responded after a local blog reached out for his side if the story.

"Such invites have been coming my way.

They are quite tempting, but with a topic that involves someone no longer in my life.

A child not old enough to make her own choices, and especially a person that is no longer living.

Family, friends, former colleagues, people's businesses that are not in the business of clout chasing especially using malicious tactics, I find it more prudent to reserve my comments and response."

He went ahead to thank people who have stood by him.

"However I'm thankful to the fans, friends and colleagues who know me and my character, and have chosen to stand with me during this time even without me asking.

I'm grateful. Twendelee kujibamba na kujenga economy."

Sharing her story during a sit down with Mungai Eve, Nyce Wanjeri narrated how she tolerated abuse for years.

"I met him at 19 and 20 is when I started dating him, He started asking me to get pregnant for him but I refused.

At 21 I succumbed to the pressure and got pregnant. I was two months pregnant when he first slapped me. He beat me over the remote control."

Sharing how the slap came about Nyce said,

"At two months he loved Roots music while I loved something else. So we agreed he listens to his genre for 10 minutes and after that, I would listen to whatever I wanted.

He played a certain song for 10 minutes and that rubbed me off the wrong way due to hormones. As I was removing the DVD, he would press the remote and push it back, we started arguing. He slapped me so hard."

The mother of one threatened to leave but not even the threats worked on her now ex.

"I threatened to leave him and abort, he said if that is what I wanted it was OK. He never tried to stop me or text me. I went and boarded a matatu.

I called my mum and told her what had happened, she asked me to go home. I never went home, I chose to go back."

Nyce says that when she came back her abusive ex knew she would never go anywhere.

"When my baby was like 9 months old, he threw me to a wall because I had asked him about a certain lady he was dating.

His sister who was living with us came to my rescue she was also beaten. For six months I had a black eye, and that side was swollen for around 8 months. My lips were busted.

We screamed asking for help but no one came to our rescue. His sister screamed asking him to leave me alone as the baby was crying. That was the first time I told my mum the truth."

Nyce says she had to work and make ends meet.

"People kept asking me what had happened and I would lie that I had fallen off the stairs. My mum came to pick me up and take me up country but I refused, I was still wanting to work on my marriage.

Even my ex's sister was shocked when I refused to go with my mum. Nine years down the line he never stopped hitting me."

Nyce says her ex beat her on many occasions over his insecurities.

"One time he said I was seducing my landlord who was an old man. When I confronted him he beat me up, pulled my braids, and threw me down, It was a neighbor who came to save me. That was the first time I left, in 2014."

The actress says in 2015 the cheating became too much as he would flaunt the women on Facebook.

"Sometimes he would date older women, and flaunt them on social media. One day I decided to leave him, and by the time he found out I had moved out it was 15 days later.

When he found out that we had left he would constantly call my mum even at 3:00 AM. When my mum died he even came back trying to win me back."

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