Pritty Vishy- You must pay all my bills if I date you

Pritty Vishy was once in a relationship with the singer Stevo Simple Boy.


• Pritty Vishy says that she's only willing to give a chance to man who knows her worth.  

• She claims that she is being pursued by a slew of men.

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Purity Vishenwa famously known as Pritty Vishy has informed her suitors that she is not willing to do more than her partner in a relationship.

She stated in an Instagram post that if you want to be her partner, you must be willing to pay her bills.

Vishy only requires a man who recognizes her worth. She also informs the public in the post that she is being pursued by a slew of men.

"To the men who are all over me a polite notice when you come to my life just know you will come to pay my bills and do more than I am doing coz ain’t coming back .. I need a man who knows my worth so if your ready then we will date." 

Pritty Vishy came into the spotlight after an intimate video of him and singer Stevo Simple Boy went viral.

The two were once in a romantic relationship.

She sailed on with the waive , and now she has been able to amass her own followers who want to know what she has to say. Currently she has over 90K thousand Instagram followers.

She also advises women that not to be with someone that says that their trying to make things work in a relationship because they went all in when courting you.

They made an effort before you agreed to be in a relationship with them, where does the effort go once you start dating?

"Never be with someone who says “am trying to make it work” “hunny before trying you were ready to do it so why try now?"

In February 2022 , a video of his ex-boyfriend surfaced online where he introduced his wife as Grace Atieno during his fathers burial in Homa Bay County.

Kenyans were left wondering if Stevo still had a wife while dating her. Pritty has publicly denied that Stevo is married.

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