Zainabu Zeddy's husband walked out of their marriage after live TV cheating prank

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy has opene dup about her private life

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•She got candid about her husband and family

•Zeddy also spoke about her beginning in comedy

zainabu opens up about prank on husband
zainabu opens up about prank on husband

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy has opened up for the first time about her now ex-husband.

The content creator prefers to keep her life private but got candid in an all-reveal interview with Jeff Kuria.

Zeddy told about her struggles auditioning multiple times to achieve success as a comedian.

She risked her paying job to go for auditions and eventually was given a chance on Churchill show Raw edition.

She stayed almost seven months before that happened

"Na si guarantee it will be aired, so if it wasn't funny, it wouldn't air"

It wasn't easy she told Jeff, especially since she and teacher Wanjiku were the only female comedians in the industry.

The late nights also affected her marriage

"Haikuwa rahisi to convince him that it was being recorded at night, he thought I was lying until the day he joined us to see for himself.

One time there was a live prank on air and there was a backlash.

Zeddy was asked by the producer to prank live on air to pretend she was cheating on her man with another married man. Kenyans got upset.

"I have never watched that episode, sina nguvu. I got so many calls, and I think the editor did not tell the audience that it was a prank"

The bashing was too much

"It brought issues to my in-laws, that I was saying he wasn't financially supporting us.

He left her over this .

Alienda kidogo because he was not convinced I was pranking him, he left for almost 7 months kujitafuta coz of pressure"

She disappeared from the TV screens. Did she retire from Churchill over the bullying?"No, Churchill I left because I felt I was getting old, mi ni mzee. to pave way for upcoming artists"

Laughing about it, Zeddy added

"By the way after that I stayed in Churchill for three more months, alafu ikakuwa mambo haiendi poa, nika quit,"She claims his management was bad.

"Hii ni mamabo iliiisha, tusianze kuamsha vidonda" addingshe didn't leave over payment issues as has been alleged.

The creative Director and not getting along with others led to her decision to quit.

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