Was Mungai Eve's boyfriend forced to delete LGBTQ diss?

This comes hot on the heels of Daddy Owen's page being shadow-banned


• He went ahead and deleted the caption after Daddy Owen's Instagram was shadowbanned meaning that when one searches for his page directly on Instagram, they will not be able to find it.

Image: Trevor

Director Trevor, Mungai Eve's famous boyfriend has caused some tongues to wag after he deleted a caption he wrote recently about LGBTQ members.

He had shared his photo on Instagram captioning it "Ona sasa LGBTQ wanafanya kusinyeshe" It seemed like he was joking that God was punishing Kenyans for supporting LGBTQ hence the lack of rain.

Trevor's deletion of the caption so soon after Daddy Owen's Instagram was shadowbanned after the singer's posts going against LGBTQ advocacy is kinda odd...

"LGBTQ should NOT be allowed in KENYA! The courts are here to serve and protect our culture, society and customs! If ths NGOs are allowed to register in Kenya then we should allow outlawed groups such as TERRORISTS and BANDITS to be registered!" the gospel singer wrote.

Is it possible that Trevor isn't willing to walk the plank the same way that Daddy Owen has been doing with his own Instagram page? Maybe...

After Trevor deleted the caption, he still left the previous comments regarding the caption.

@officialsam.ke-Elijibitikiu wamefanya nini imekazia mvua?😂😂

@anita-lydia- Nakwabia elijibitikiu imeharibu sana

@daniel-sosi- 😂😂😂😂 lets curse them ama niaje

The whole debate has trended the past week after LGBTQ advocate Eric Gitaru's move to the Supreme Court challenging the decision of the NGO board not to register their organization was considered as discriminatory by the upper court.

"It would be unconstitutional to limit the right to associate through denial of registration of an association purely based on the sexual orientation of the applicants," the court ruled.

The court said that all persons whether heterosexual, lesbian, gay, intersex or otherwise will be subject to sanctions if they contravene existing laws including Sections 162, 163 and 165 of the penal code.

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