'Publicly apologize for kissing your brother or...' Chameleone warned

The two brothers have been condemned for immorality

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

β€’The Pastor wants Chameleon and Weasel to apologize.

jose chameleone and brother weasel
jose chameleone and brother weasel

Jose Chameleone has thrown a party to thank the media for highlighting his major concert that was held last week and contributing to its success.

During the party, Jose addressed journalists telling them why he was Uganda's greatest bragging that he has the most loyal fans in Uganda.

Aside from that Jose Chameleone and his brother are in trouble as a popular preacher, Pastor Martin Ssempa has registered a complaint with the police.

He is upset with the indecent and immorally offensive acts that happened during the singer's concert.

He has asked police to stop issuing the singer with any more permits to perform at concerts until he issues a public apology.

He told the press, "Chameleon and his brother we're seeing kissing each other and even this is against which command? and the order of nature.

He is even We are asking the police to investigate this issue. Why is he kissing his brother? Why are they dancing like man and woman and children are watching this all over the country and social media?

And so we are saying 'no' to this. Is this what we want in mbarara? The truth is I don't mind his music, but we don't want the homo***uality."

Several fans have agreed with the Pastor with one @lex_israel wrote; 

"It’s surely disgusting 🀒.I wish they could stop πŸ›‘ that habit. It might mislead their innocent followers. How come they have no shame πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ, is it bse of the generation we in today or it’s something more than that? So disturbing to watch."

Jose Chameleone performed in a sold-out show last weekend where he and his brother Weasel performed 4 songs together.

Weasel came onto the stage running in then went to Jose where they shared a kiss. That is the moment all netizens have been keenly focusing on.

The two brothers were quickly condemned for immorality. 11 other artistes performed most notably Bebe Cool, Pallaso, and Navio.

Bebe Cool praised Jose recalling their journey together in music that began in Kenya in the early 2000s.

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