Why China Square has closed down indefinitely

Charlie urged the public against misinterpreting the closure to mean anything else other than the stated reasons.


• The company outlined three issues that led to the indefinite closure, including public safety, shortage of tills and misleading statements on the statement.

• The company said the reasons for the indefinite closure were unveiled, cautioning the public from misinterpretation.

China Square, Unicity mall
Image: Twitter

China Square has announced that the shop will remain closed indefinitely to allow time to sort out a number of issues.

In a notice on its official Facebook page on Sunday, the retailer said provision of sufficient security is among the issues to be addressed during the closure period. 

"We, China Square Limited, regret to inform you that we will continue to close down for further notice," the statement reads in part.

The outlet had on Saturday said that the shop would only remain closed on Sunday but normal operations would resume on Monday.  

In Sunday's notice, the outlet listed other issues that necessitated the indefinite closure as including shortage of tills and misleading statements on its operations.

"Some of the statements on the internet have been misleading people, and some customers have overrated our services which has created unrealistic expectations," the statement read in part. 

On the issue of safety, owner Lei Cheng alias Charlie said that the will look at increasing security personnel to handle the high traffic of customers. 

He added that they were working on resolving the issue of tills so as to ensure that customer queues are not long upon re-opening.

"We need to close down and give a cooling down period," he said.

The China Square Statement

Charlie urged the public against misinterpreting the closure to mean anything else other than the stated reasons. 

He affirmed that the shop was committed to providing the best services, inclusive of customer safety.

Charlie further apologised to their customers for any inconvenience that the closure may occasion, adding that they are committed to resolving the issues soonest possible.

"We appreciate your understanding and support during this time. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you again soon."

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