Flaqo surprises Keranta with flashy Dubai trip

The comedian also sent 50,000 Kenyan Shillings to Keranta.


• Content creator, Flaqo, popularly known as Mama Otis has surprised his girlfriend Keranta with a trip to Dubai.

Keranta & Flaqo
Image: Instagram

Content creator, Flaqo, popularly known as Mama Otis has surprised his girlfriend Keranta with a trip to Dubai.

Despite various allegations of the two dating, earlier this month they confirmed that they are in a romantic relationship as they celebrated their 3rd year anniversary. 

Keranta is a content creator, she came into the limelight for pulling top pranks on YouTube with her ex-boyfriend Dzaddy Amore. They called off the relationship in February 2021 on the account that Dzaddy Amore cheated on her. 

In a YouTube video that has been recently posted on Keranta's channel, the Flaqo expressed his heartfelt affection for Keranta by surprising her with a trip to Dubai.

Flaqo went ahead and revealed how intentional he is with their relationship.

"Hizi vitu unasemanga na zinakaa ni kama zinanipita i do note them," Flaqo..

Before conveying the mega surprise, he first surprised her with three gifts; a cologne, a beautifully designed cup engraved with the word love, and a cake. 

Keranta happily embraced Flaqo and thanked him for being a thoughtful boyfriend. 

Saving the best gift for last, he slowly walked towards Keranta's direction and pulled the big surprise. 

"You've always wanted to visit Dubai, guess what? On third of March , I have booked a flight. Personally, I have not been to Dubai, so why not? Come here and hug me. We are starting with Dubai and then South Africa," Flaqo said. 

Keranta standing steadily still in disbelief could not hide her joy. She aired out how much he has done for her. 

"Kwanza you sent me how much," Keranta

Earlier on in the week, Flaqo sent her 50,000 Kenyan shillings. He added that going to Dubai was his main Valentine's gift for her. 

Keranta was still crying as Flaqo was comforting her. The two are set to go and pick up their passport as they wait for the big day. 

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