Fans upset after Nandy and Bill Nass celebrated Valentine's

Celebs will always be reminded about their opinions

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Billnas said Valentine's is not a special day.

• Fans are unhappy that the couple is now going all out for Valentine's in Paris.

nandy and billnas in paris feb 14
nandy and billnas in paris feb 14

Valentine's Day always sparks a lot of feelings for people, be they negative or positive. When it comes to the lover's Day, most people have an opinion, including celebrities.

Some of them love it, some of them hate it, and some of them are still making up their minds.

Rapper Bill Nass and Nandy opined that it's just a day. But now they are in the city that is considered to be the most romantic in the world, Paris-pledging their love.

Tanzanian couple Bill Nass and Nandy jetted off to France, Paris where they are spending moments together building beautiful memories.

The African Princess has taken along her baby for the family vacation as well calling her baby "MY SHADOW ❤️..."

Nandy has also gushed about her romantic relationship with her man thanking him for taking her to the city of love for Valentine's day.

"ASANTE kwakutuleta PARIS dady❤️ @billnass"

She continued praising her baby daddy for taking care of his family

"Happy valentine's two fathers... I wish I had the ability to write emotionally as you can my husband, I have every reason to thank god for being your wife and mother to your children, I feel to be a woman with a lot of happiness and peace for the great and good things you do for me every time, I wish the whole world to know how. How I love you my William, my husband, my friend, my leader, my protector, my love & my everything ❤️ you are everything! Happy valentine my love."

Their fans, however, were not pleased with the couple who have been previously heard saying they don't care about Valentine's day.

Fans are saying they feel betrayed by the couples about turn-in marking lover's day and reminding the couple that they once said this about Valentines and I quote, "Valentine sio issue kwetu si' ni siku tu."

Below are some of those comments:

rosedady2 Kwanii nyiee si mlisemaa hii sikuu ni sikuu tuu kwenuu mbnaa mmetusalitii jamnii😞😞😔😔

scofieldmicky Mbona mlitudanganya valentine sio kitu kwenu😮😮😢

iamvestina Ndio mtudanganye Valentine’s sio ishu kwenu si ni siku tu na muende Paris surely??? Vijana wetu wanatutumia sana huo mstari leo😢😢😢😢

officialcollins_model Si alisema ni siku tuu 😳😳nyinyi kuna watu so mfano wa kuigwa 🤣🤣🤣

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