Robert Alai controversial comment about Azziad Nasenya's appointment ignites Twitter

Kenyans reaction on Azziad's appontment to the government


• Alai says there are people who are more deserving of the position.

•  Azziads fans came to defend her while some supported Alai.

Image: Instagram

Robert Alai well known Kenyan politician, Kenyan blogger, and cyber activist sparked controversies on Twitter after criticizing the appointment of the tik tok star Azziad Nasenya to the Creative Technical Committee established by youth affairs, sports, and art cabinet secretary Ababu Namwamba.

" I love and respect Azziad. However, I don’t know her competence. Beyond TikTok dancing, I don’t understand what serious thing she knows about the creative economy or even identifying talent. We have enough Kenyans who know much more about this. I can share some names. The politician stated in a tweet.

The statement quickly attracted attention on Twitter and azziads fans came to defend her while some supported Alai this sparked a heated debate online with both sides giving out their own judgment.

Macharia Wangui@PrincewanguiReplying to @RobertAlaiExperience doesn't come by reading books alone. We have experts who have never gone to school. Azziad understands the dynamics on how to earn from such platforms.

Mutuma Mathiu @mutuma_mathiuReplying to @RobertAlaiIt’s not a matter of skills or experience. It’s a fresh, young, clever, enthusiastic, engaged brain bringing a fresh perspective. She will do great.

abubakar rahaman@abubakarraham10·13hReplying to @Princewangui and @RobertAlaiBy just having big nyash make you believe she is an expert..nkt you just sound like a kinuthia

Kenya Patriotism@KenyaPatriotism·Feb 12Replying to @Princewangui and @RobertAlaiManuscript writers cannot be compared to actors whose work is to execute through guidance of directors. You cannot expect results from the majority selected except Churchill who has shown talent identification, nurturing, and promotion. Behind the scenes we have able people.

After all that discussion, it became clear that Kenyans are really invested and have passion for the country's creative industry and the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to such appointments and everyone should know how the selections are taken.