Jimal's cute message to his alleged girlfriend after pregnancy announcement

Wangari works for the Somali businessman at his company

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Jimal is rumored to be dating her.

• He has been even taking on responsibilities with her daughter.

jimals rumored girlfriend pregnant
jimals rumored girlfriend pregnant

Wangari Thiongo, the alleged girlfriend of Somali businessman Jimal Roho Safi has told fans she is pregnant.

"So much to be grateful for 🙏❤️," Miss Thiongo expressed about her pregnancy.

The announcement comes after much speculation that she has already delivered the child.

The businessman ignited murmurs online after he took to her comment section to congratulate her on the pregnancy.

'You deserve it and much more,' he wrote.

Wangari also appreciated Kenyans for wishing her well on her pregnancy journey. "Thank you so much for all your congratulatory messages," she shared in additional pictures on her Instagram stories.

Fans are also warning Jimal about his alleged latest yet-to-be-born child. Some of the comments are below;

lob4361 Demahen alijua huyu yuko na mimba ndio na yeye akatagaza yake mapema ikiwa 2 months 😂😂😂hawa watu wako na competition ingine hapo

kinyatta1 Most probably hii ni mzee kuliko ya Amber😂 meaning this might be the reason why Amber left. And if that's true Amber & her were both with the dude. After God fear Kenyan men😂😂😂

winnie_mwiks Next baby mama to be embarassed in the public 😂😂😂😂 anyway, congratulations

daisyke2022 Umeamua kubebea mwanamke mwenzako mimba, na akili bado iko kwa ex's😢

Michelle Wangari Thiongo has been flirting endlessly with Jimal since his marriage to his two wives ended.

The news also excited Kenyans who felt Jimal deserved to be happy after much marital drama. So much so that Jimal has even been hanging out with her child, a daughter.

6 weeks ago she shared a photo of her daughter at Jimals office. She captioned the moment, "Ni baraka" telling of her happiness.

For her birthday in July 2022, Jimal gifted her an iphone 14, pro max and the expensive gift got her excited. She unboxed the gift on her Instagram stories, praising Jimal for loving her.

She thanked the businessman, referring to him as ‘my person’ for the phone and everything that he has generally done for her.

“Thank you for the birthday gift and everything else you’ve done for me my person, umekuwa baraka,” Wangari wrote.

Wangari works as a secretary at Huduma Credit Limited, a micro-lending company that the flamboyant businessman runs.

For his birthday in December of the same year, Wangari thoughtfully shared a collage of their cute moments together.

“Thank you for all the priceless memories we’ve made together. I can’t wait to celebrate you today, happy birthday @jimal_rohosafi,” Wangari Thiong’o wrote in a caption.

He was then inundated with questions about their relationship, and he cleared the air saying,

“I am still very single. Wangari is my best friend and I am not dating her. We have not started those things. If I want to date her, I will let people know about it but for now watu waache guess work. We are just good friends,” he claimed.

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