'Unavuka mpakaa!' Willy Paul says about Eric Omondi's antics

Pozze said he will be singing about love

• Willy Paul has distanced himself with the gospel industry.

• Willy Paul told Eric to focus on making his brand without mentioning him.

Willy Paul
Kenyan performing artist Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

Controversial singer Willy Paul has distanced himself from the gospel industry.

This is after Eric Omondi called out several gospel musicians for allegedly killing the industry because of controversy.

The controversial comedian came out guns blazing against some former and current gospel artists alleging that most had stopped singing and keeping the industry relevant.

Among those he mentioned were singer Daddy Owen, Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro, and Eunice Njeri among others, asking why they no longer produce music like a few years ago.

He further said that most of the artistes who won great awards years ago had turned the industry into Sodom and Gomorrah.

"The gospel industry has failed us. Willy Paul, and DK Kwenye Beat Ringtone are just fornicating. They have more scandals than the secular industry," he alleged.

On seeing the message, Willy Paul earlier said that his relationship with God was still intact despite quitting the industry.

He made another statement of his Instagram page asking the comedian to stop mentioning his name as he already quit the gospel industry.

"Eric- I am not a Gospel Musician so please address the right people. Get my name out of your mouth," he said.

Pozze further told Eric to focus on making his brand without mentioning him.

"You're like an elder brother to me but place imefika unavuka mpakaa. We're all chasing that big bag bro. Focus on making yourself big again just like me."

A few years back, Willy Paul said that he quit the music genre because of unseen forces who worked day and night to bring him down.

This led to him falling into depression and eventually going broke.

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